Network Engineer Mid


Brief Summary

                            Network Engineer Mid.

Job Role: 
Acquires and applies broad knowledge of the business, its products, and processes to plan, design, develop, implement, integrate and validate network(s), infrastructure, and/or applications by leveraging a complex infrastructure to meet business requirements in a cost-effective manner. Introduces, integrates and validates changes to network(s), infrastructure, and/or applications in adherence with standardized operational processes. Resolves issues of and navigates obstacles to deliver a work product. Identifies and executes audit controls and tests for network(s), infrastructure, and/or applications to ensure compliance with established standards and policies. Serves as a resource to less
experienced team members on escalated issues of a routine nature.

Minimum Requirements: 

•	Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience; 4+ years experience in a technical capacity 
    supporting a network or infrastructure or application configuration; Experience installing, 
    maintaining, and configuring network, infrastructure and applications specific to Cisco.
•	Proactively performs the full range of maintenance on network(s), infrastructure, and 
   applications; adheres to rigor and established guidelines.
•	Performs system monitoring, daily checks, corrective action, system refreshes, hardware 
   replacements, software upgrades, and application modifications.
•	Performs troubleshooting at a complex level, identifying root cause, return to service, 
   mitigation plans, and creates/documents procedures.
•	Evaluates, analyzes, installs, tests, configures, and administers network(s), infrastructure, and 
   applications as well as providing a full range of testing, administration, and quality checks.
•	Business Acumen, Collaboration (Team Building), Communication, Demonstrate Adaptability 
    (Agility), Drive for Results and Innovation.

Technical Requirements:

•	Physical deployment to include software upgrades and configuration
•	    Comprehension of the different components and roles that make up the system to include    
    CDM, content router, root device, content engines
•	    Troubleshooting activities such as hard drive replacement, rebuilding configurations, backup 
           of configurations
•	    Multicast configuration and support across routers and firewalls
•	    Completion of some form of training or experience with the Cisco product