Bus Program Manager Sr.


Brief Summary

                            Bus Program Manager Sr.

Job Role: 
Guides and facilitates teams in the development and implementation of key initiatives. Performs complex work assignments and problem resolution. Leads and manages programs and planning activities to achieve strategic business goals and operational objectives. Proactively manages the development of new or developing programs. Defines multiple program strategies based on business demand and ROI expectations.

Minimum Requirements:  Example:
Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience; Six or more years of relevant business support and / or general analysis experience; Experience with the software development life cycle and/or financial analysis experience to include utilization of ROI and net-present value (NPV) formulas.

Business Acumen, Collaboration (Team Building), Communication, Demonstrate Adaptability (Agility), Drive for Results and Innovation.

Job Duties:
1. Seeks out and executes creative alternatives to programs challenges; challenges standards and partners with supporting programs to deliver results.

2. Supports portfolio planning activities around a wide range of technological, business and managerial challenges.

3. Identifies opportunities and potential solutions. Synthesizes analysis, identifies root causes and develops and recommends project deliverables.

4. Applies advanced knowledge of the business, its products and processes and integrates potential services to achieve business goals.

5. Negotiates agreements, settles disputes equitably and diffuses high tension situations.

6. Balance customer demands with appropriate capacity to achieve program objectives with may include tradeoffs with IT.

7. Supports one to many Relationship Managers in planning programs of work.

8. Responsible for developing program roadmap to achieve business goal and deliver early business value where ever possible.