Sr Development Product Owner


Brief Summary

                            Sr Development Product Owner

Represent Enterprise Document Management (EDM) stakeholders to lead, collaborate with and motivate a cross-functional team to elicit, understand, analyze, document, refine and communicate business needs and provide continual business guidance business and/or technical delivery teams that develop, execute and release effective solutions.

•	Serve as the business requirements expert, engaging and managing the work of subject matter experts from the business.  
•	Provide continual business guidance for the development and execution team(s).
•	Lead, manage or orchestrate activities for completion and proper documentation of business requirements and validating metrics as appropriate for methodology and Enterprise controls.
•	Work with the business and IT delivery teams to identify and mitigate risks to include business operational risks.
•	Escalate issues and develop recommendations for appropriate solutions.
•	Partner with sponsors, stakeholders, and IT to facilitate, define and document relevant business processes, gaining an understanding of the needs, measures, and risks & controls for the improvement area.
•	Serve as direct representative of the business with development and execution team(s), representing/reinforcing EDM’s perspective throughout the product realization cycle.
•	Work with the business process owners to develop metrics to manage and track benefits, adoption and risks to operations.
•	Assist with project level plans related to schedule, scope and resources.
•	Manage, prioritize, and assess the impact of all work items, such as new features, defects, etc., including providing the decision to create, fix or defer at the project level.
•	Review, and when appropriate, accept and prioritize feedback and new requirements from stakeholders.
•	Ensure output of development is reviewed and accepted or declined by appropriate stakeholders to ensure specified acceptance criteria have been completed.
•	Prepare the business for the change and arm them with tactics and metrics for benefits, adoption, and risk.

•	2+ years of relevant experience in financial industry document compliance, process improvement, project delivery, business/requirements analysis and change management practices.
•	Must be able to collaboratively work within multiple evolving development methodologies including iterative Agile and sequential Waterfall projects.
•	Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products and applicable databases.