Instructional Designer


Brief Summary

                            Instructional Designer

Technical Requirements:

Skill requirements adapted from the more mature cognitive and affective behaviors noted in Bloom’s Taxonomy.  
•	Critical thinking and problem solving skills 
•	Skills in extracting and assimilating chunks of information working them into a logical framework 
•	Applying principles of behavioral sciences 
•	Systematically searching for related information 
Personal aptitudes:  
•	Thinking in both abstract and concrete 
•	must also attend to details 
•	task-oriented but able to work with others 
•	tolerance for ambiguity 
Preferred Education:  Master's degree in instructional technology, psychology, education, behavioral science or closely related field from an accredited college or university or related experience.
Tasks: The following itemized tasks are to be provided by Supplier in the performance of Services described under this JOB DESCRIPTION.
High Level Course Design Information included in the HLCD:
•	Business Purpose
•	Target Population
•	Course Objectives 
•	Course Map 
•	Task Analysis Plan
•	Assessment Plan

Develop and Document Appropriate Delivery Method.  This task includes the identification and documentation of the delivery method of the identified training solution.  The delivery method will describe in detail the mechanism(s) to be used for the delivery of the solution. Blended methodologies to be used shall be explicitly detailed.  

Develop Course Detailed Design.  This task shall include: 

•	Lesson Objectives
•	Instructional Strategy
•	Delivery Media
•	Assessment

Develop Course Materials. 

Weekly Status Reporting.  Information in the weekly status report will include:

•	Planned and Unplanned Tasks started and completed 
•	Planned and Unplanned Tasks started and not completed
•	% Complete for each work product
•	Issues
•	Risks