UI Producer Mid


Brief Summary

                            Producer I
Plans, organizes and manages the design process to deliver quality outputs in timely fashion.  

Job Description
Facilitates the creation of moderately complex design solutions by participating in defining the business and design requirements, working across departments to establish priorities and execute the organization of the design team’s workstreams.
Collaborates with key stakeholders to understand business needs.
Coordinates approvals with legal, the business and other stakeholders.
Clearly articulates the various facets of the issue and leads the team to resolution.
Contributes to the alignment of member experiences across projects, programs, products and channels.
Builds strong relationships and manage them on team and across departments
Conduscts stand ups, planning and retrospective ceremonies

Minimum Requirements
Bachelor's degree or 4 years design/creative project management 
Fully proficient understanding project management methods and strategy.
Fully proficient with Microsoft Office.
Strong understanding and experience using tools like Asana, Jira, Agile Central to manage team workload
Grounded in Agile – SCRUM or Kanban (and don’t have to google it)

•	Direct experience herding designer-type cats
•	Understands the difference between Agile and Waterflow and that Agile isn’t just “faster”
•	Loves to orchestrate timelines and juggles priorities well
•	Is a confident ring leader in agile ceremonies
•	Builds strong rapport across departments and inspires team
•	Excellent relationship management and communication skills
•	Familiar with Human-Centered Design practice or can at least Google it and shine on the philosophy
•	Owns projects successes and failures
•	Loves team collaboration and can hang with facilitating workshops
•	Hungers to learn and experience new things and gets jazzed about design sprints
•	Gets excited about customer research and synthesizing it
•	Knows your Spirit Animal