Developer / Programmer Mainframe Senior


Brief Summary

                            Developer / Programmer Mainframe Senior 

Technical Requirements:
Work experience:   - 6 to 8 years

•	Ability to follow ITIL, Six Sigma or CMM “best practices”
•	The ability to quickly and efficiently analyze and resolve a combination of voice, data, and network problems in a development environment.  
•	Proven problem-solving abilities. 
•	General Host Knowledge
•	Object Oriented Analysis and Design
•	Java Programming Language
•	.Net Programming Language
•	Visual Basic Programming Language
•	J2EE
•	Java Server Pages (JSP)
•	Doors
•	Unified Modeling Language
•	Rational Rose
•	C & C++ Programming Language
•	Oracle
•	Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm and Struts Framework
•	IBM Visual Age Java 3.5/4.0 ADE & Visual Age Java Source Repository
•	Knowledge of IBM Websphere Framework
•	Knowledge of DB2 and/or Universal Database (UDB)
•	Custom Tags associated with JSP pages
•	StarTeam Software Configuration Management Tool
•	Unified Software Development Process
•	Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3
•	Software Product Engineering Life Cycle
•	Microsoft IIS platform
•	Microsoft Visual Basic Application Development Environment


Task #1:   Test and document upgrades in a test and production environment for Genesys components.

Task #2:  Administer monitoring and other features of the Solution control Server and document processes.

Task #3:  Design, develop and Test Routing Strategies.  

Task #4:  Collect and document requirements.  

Task #5:  Document Routing strategy, requirements and purpose.

Task #6:  Review and Analyze Error logs and document findings.  

Task #7:  Troubleshoot issues.  

# 7.1:   Write Brio Reports for Analyzer and document templates and definitions for all reports.  

# 7.2:  Design, update and implement Outbound Campaigns and lists. 

Expected task #1: Completed Work Package Analysis Artifacts  
Prepared in accordance with the USAA Software Product Engineering Life Cycle document   

Expected task #2: Completed Work Package Estimate
Prepared in accordance with the USAA Sized Based Estimating Tool document and FSD1-IMP Development Estimating Template document

Expected task #3: Completed Design Artifacts 
Prepared and completed in accordance with the USAA IT Software Process Library to include: 

•	design artifacts that are graphic and concise, top down partitioned and non-redundant shall include:
•	graphic representation of the system
•	design elements broken down into lower levels of detail 
•	details required to document the functions of the system

Expected task #4 Construction Tasks:   
Software Code Tasks include: 

•	Completed Code Modules
•	Artifacts that is integral to the software product to include source, binary, executable or equivalents such as scripts or command files.