Technical Writer / Technical Writer Sr.


Brief Summary

                            Technical Writer
Technical Requirements:  Supplier resources will have the following skills / experience / background:
•	Proven ability to write and edit technical documents  
•	Three years experience writing, preparing, compiling and maintaining complex documentation such as Process Trees, Flow Charts, System Specifications, Feasibility Studies, and Functional Requirements descriptions
Tasks: The following itemized tasks are to be provided by Supplier in the performance of Services described under this JOB DESCRIPTION.

Task #1: Technical Writer Documentation 
•	The purpose of this task is to document processes, procedures, policies, and meeting minutes, newsletters, intra/internet content.  This task includes but is not limited to: 
•	Identification, analysis and research information such as work processes and business requirements. 
•	Written, revised and maintained procedures resulting from new process-related project outputs and process revisions. 
•	Completed tested and validated content of procedures. 
•	Documented new or changed policies, processes or procedures. Coordinate, document and communicate the implementation of the new or revised procedures.
General Requirements:
All Services shall be performed at company facilities.
All Services shall be completed in accordance with the Agreement as well as the prescribed company plans, processes, procedures, specifications and guidelines as may be identified in this JOB DESCRIPTION or as otherwise directed by company.  
All Tasks and materials furnished under this JOB DESCRIPTION shall be considered work made for hire and the property of company.