Service Designer


Brief Summary

                            SERVICE DESIGNER DESCRIPTION

The ideal candidate would have specific experience in Service Design, Design Research and Synthesis, and Process Engineering, specifically Process and Value Stream Mapping and Root Cause Analysis. This person will be part of a team that works on enterprise-wide transformation projects and will participate in all aspects of user research. 

We are looking for a Service Designer with strong Design Research skills with demonstrated ability to tackle the problems from a holistic view, taking into account the extensive back and front stage systems and processes of how a company works to deliver on customer experience, as well as organizational and behavioral considerations. A strong Service Designer who embraces this holistic way of working and thinking would be an excellent fit!

The ideal candidate would be expected to:
•	Lead user research efforts from planning to implementation, translate user needs into practical business applications, identify and design new cross channel product and service opportunities. 
•	Facilitate all aspects of Design Research program, conduct qualitative and quantitative research, map and analyze research data, and synthesize insights. 
•	Be primarily responsible for designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting on user-centered design research, including identification of user needs and goals, task and workflow modeling, ethnography and behavioral archetype development as well journey and empathy mapping and rapid iterative prototyping and testing.
•	Support all stages of Service Design program development, from the analysis of current state of services from user’s and organization’s stand points to identification of opportunities for improvement, and their translation into business priorities.
•	Facilitate systems, process and value-stream mapping efforts for the existing supporting system of a service and design targeted improvements to that system to accommodate the new service - both digital and process based.
•	Support the development of Service Blueprint, including facilitation of highly collaborative design workshops with business and technology partners.
•	Collaborate with business and technology partners through all stages of Service Design program implementation.
•	Facilitate the creation and rapid iteration of service prototypes in an Agile environment.

Some of the day-to-day activities of the role would include:
•	Apply research to experience and service design, consult on advanced understanding of user centered design and user research methodologies.
•	Lead highly collaborative design workshops and requirements gathering sessions with business and technology partners.
•	Conduct generative and exploratory research both online and in the field and provide recommendations for improvement.
•	Perform user testing and analysis of internal and external applications, products and services.
•	Plan, conduct and synthesize generative and evaluative research using standard methodologies.
•	Work with the design and technology teams to assess and modify products and services.
•	Work with business partners and subject matter experts to gather and validate business requirements.
•	Coordinate with multiple product and service teams in the enterprise environment.
•	Practice experience and service design and educate non-practitioners.
•	Gather and apply analytical rigor to design artifacts.

Required Experience:
•	Client-side experience working with complex organizations, financial services industry experience is a plus.
•	Has experience in developing recruitment criteria for research.
•	Is comfortable facilitating both a 1:1 session and a 20+ stakeholder work session - whatever the need is based on the project phase.
•	Is comfortable synthesizing generative and exploratory design research with a team.
•	Has the ability to turn research findings into a compelling narrative to share with stakeholders.
•	Is comfortable with or wants to learn how to get stakeholder buy-in to do research and implement service and experience design programs.
•	Is able to navigate a transforming enterprise that is experiencing rapid cultural change.
•	Is expecting to coordinate with multiple product and service teams in the enterprise environment.
•	Has equal amounts of desire to practice AND educate non-practitioners.
•	Is comfortable with or wants to learn how to add analytical rigor to design artifacts.

Soft Skills: 
•	Collaborative
•	Communicator, story teller
•	Strong Facilitator
•	Strong interviewer
•	Self-starter
•	Organized & Analytical (huge volumes of data)
•	Improvisation & Adaptability (handling pressure, changing priorities)
•	Strong project management and planning background
•	High standards of quality
•	Welcomes the constructive criticism of their work and is able to constructively review the work of others
•	Professional (presenting themselves to partners and senior executives)
•	Quick & avid learner