Desktop Support Anlst (Plano)


Brief Summary

                            Desktop Support Analyst
Technical Requirements:   Supplier resources will have the following skills / experience / background:
•	Ability to lift 35 pounds 
•	Excellent customer service and people skills 
•	Ability to work simultaneous tasks 
•	Technical knowledge and understanding of PC hardware  
•	Experience with MS Operating Systems (Windows NT 4.0 & Windows XP)  
•	Experience with MS Office Suite 
•	Excellent Oral and Written communication skills 
•	Ability to meet critical timelines in a rapidly changing environment 
•	Must be willing to work at company office locations in San Antonio and Regional Offices as required 
•	Must be willing work flexible hours to include day, night, and weekend
•	XP operating system knowledge that includes the ability to:
o	Mapping network drives
o	Printers
o	File copy functions
o	Manual installation of software applications
 Tasks: The following itemized materials are Expected tasks to be provided by Supplier in the performance of Services described under this JOB DESCRIPTION.
Installer / Deinstaller Tasks
•	Remove existing PC  and move to centralized collection point
•	Install PC
•	Start user data and profile restoration process
•	Test desktop and complete the Support Checklist
•	Scan desktop bar codes 
•	Complete installation information sheet
•	Provide floor support 

Floor Support Tasks
•	Verify PC has been installed – including hardware, software, users data, and profiles
•	Address user questions
•	Recognize and repair hardware malfunctions.
•	Capture metrics related to quality of work performed and provide a written report
•	Document lessons learned and provide a written report of same